AUI (Seikosha) BP-9000e 24-pin Wide-Carriage Dot Matrix Printer

December 2, 2014Comments Off on AUI (Seikosha) BP-9000e 24-pin Wide-Carriage Dot Matrix Printer


AUI (Previously known as Seikosha) BP-9000E is the replacement model For BP-9000 or BP-9000plus

The new BP-9000E now come with all the printer interfaces such as IEEE 1482 parallel, RS232C serial, USB 2 and Ethernet port. It is designed for heavy duty and high speed printing for serious business. The BP-9000E is the ideal workhorse for  heavy continuous form printing. It print with high quality and efficiency. BP-9000E is the obvious choice for long print job, non stop operation and lasting.



Model(s) Seiko Precision BP9000 – Not available any more
Seiko Precision BP9000Plus – Replaced by AUI BP9000e
Print Width 5″ to 16″ (Fanfold or Cut Sheet)
Print Head 24-pin (500 Millions charaters life span)
Print Speed BP9000 : 846/676/564 at 15/12/10cpi
BP9000Plus: 1000/846/720cps at 13.8/12/10cpi
Line Feed Speed 60 or 30 lines per sec. ( 6 lines per inch) selectable
Buffer Size 64KB
Fonts Roman, San-Serif, Courier, Prostige, Gothic, Script, Orator,OCR A/B
Paper feed Push Tractor or Friction
Paper Path Rear (Fanfold) or Top (cut sheet)
Thickness Original + 8 copies
Standard Interface Centronics Parallel & RS232-C Serial Active Port Sensing
Optional Automatic cut sheet feeder & Pull Tractor
Emulations Epson LQ2550, IBM2391 & HP Rugged Writer 480
Ribbon Black Fabric Ribbon – 20Mil (SBP-1051)
Dimension (HxWxD) 260 x 620 x 305 mm
Weight 20kg