Dataproducts DP8524MKIII Dot Matrix Printer (EOL)

September 2, 2013Comments Off on Dataproducts DP8524MKIII Dot Matrix Printer (EOL)


Dataproducts 8524 MK3 Dot Matrix Printer offers 24-pin print head for crisp quality printouts and with blazing performance speed of up to 1000 characters per second to fly through your longest jobs.

Model(s) Dataproducts 8524MKIII
Print Width 13.6" per line
Print Head 24-pin (500 Millions charaters life span)
Print Speed 1000/864/720cps at 15/12/10cpi draft mode
Noise Level 55 dBA
Characters Per Inch 10,12,15,16.7,17.1,20,24cpi, proportional
Buffer Size 64KB
Fonts Roman, San-Serif, Courier, Prostige, Gothic, Script, Orator,OCR A/B
Graphics Resolutions Up to 360dpi
Paper Handling Fanfold & Cut sheet
Thickness Original + 8 copies
Standard Interface Centronics Parallel & RS232-C Serial Active Port Sensing
Optional Automatic cut sheet feeder & Pull Tractor
Emulations Epson LQ2550, IBM2391 & HP Rugged Writer 480
Ribbon Black Fabric Ribbon (20Mil)
Dimension (HxWxD) 260 x 620 x 305 mm
Weight 20kg