Epson LQ2090 Dot Matrix Printer

September 2, 2013Comments Off on Epson LQ2090 Dot Matrix Printer


Flexibility! The whole office will appreciate .

The new Epson LQ2090 is an improved 24-pin model that offer more speed, versatility adn reliability. It’s speed of 440cps in high speed draft mode and 110cps in NLQ mode place it above competition.

Model Epson LQ-2090
Print Head 24-pin (400 Millions charaters life span)
Print Speed 529/440cps at 12/10cpi high speed draft mode
396/330cps at 12/10cpi draft mode
Print Direction Bi-Directional
Print Column Up to 272 condensed 20cpi
Fonts Draft, Roman, San Serif, Courier, Prestige, Script, Orator,
Paper Path Front/Rear Insertion using push/pull tractor
Paper Width 4" to 16"
Thickness Original + 4 copies
Standard Interface Parallel / USB 1.1
Ribbon Black Fabric Ribbon – 8 Mil
Dimension (HxWxD) 167 x 589 x 350mm
Weight 9.5kg