DICOM Burn CD Solution

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DICOM CD Printing, Labelling and Disc Burning





DicomBurn Disc Publisher application is an fully automated Dicom  Burning & Label Printing solution. DicomBurn prints customized CD labels on CD,   DVD, BD using Primera Printers by retrieving Dicom fields such as patient name, study date, modality, also the facility name, logo etc. DicomBurn can be installed on PACS workstations and any standard office PCs.

DicomBurn integrates with Primera Printer Robots for CD printing and Multi-CD drive support. DicomBurn supports all models of Primera disc publishers. Primera printers are available worldwide. Please check local stores for Primera printers

DICOM work flow




Dicom CD/DVD Publisher – Centralized Disc Publishing System

DicomBurn Disc Publisher allows Dicom CD burning across a Dicom Imaging network. We can send studies to DicomBurn from PACS systems, Imaging Hardware, or Modality Worklist Servers (MWL).

DicomBurn automatically gathers the data for label printing such as Patient name, ID, study date, study description, modality name and any other required Dicom fields; All in-house or distributed PACS Workstations in an Imaging facility can send studies to a single DicomBurn Dicom Server; whereas Primera Disc Printers single drive model (such as #4101), or duel drive model (such as #4102) can be attached to that central PC for a completely operator-less, centralized CD Burning and automated CD labelling.

Auto Import DICOM files from a DICOM DropBox

A predefined DropBox folder can be located at a local or networked location. DicomBurn shall monitor the folder for new DICOM archives. If found, DicomBurn shall auto import, and burn the studies to Patient CDs.

Dicom Viewers to CD/DVDs – Publish existing Dicom Viewers

DicomBurn Software makes it very easy to burn Dicom Viewers. Your favorite Dicom Viewer could be added to the DicomBurn Viewers repository just by copying in the new viewer folder. DicomBurn will recognize the new viewer, and make it available during the burning process. DicomBurn automatically creates a compliant Dicom Directory.

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